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XL-175 JUMBO CRANE HOME New in September 2011! Harness included

840.00 euros

(iva included)
Reference: GER-XL-175

XL-175 JUMBO CRANE HOME New in September 2011! Harness included

Facilitate the transfer of the user in homes, residences, hospitals, etc., Provided there is sufficient space to maneuver. User to transfer from wheelchair, chair, bed, etc.. any of these elements or the toilet, and vice versa.

Due to its configuration and harnesses that are used with it is possible to collect the patient from the ground or deposited in it. Its dimensions allow you to maneuver in corridors and rooms of small dimensions
Allows lifting a maximum weight of 175 kg has emergency stop. The control box comes with integrated charger and the battery can be removed for replacement by another, allowing the continued use of the crane.

This type of crane consists of two main parts: the structure of the crane wire and electrical equipment with which to perform the lifting and lowering movement of the crane.

Metal structure:
It is made of tubes and solid steel profiles of different sizes and thicknesses.
The base has castors and a pedestal where you enter the column.
On column we find the team lifting, hand grip and the medium on which articulated arm elevation.
The lifting arm and the column have fastening systems that connect electrical equipment to the structure.
The lift arm has a hook that pivots in the vertical plane and rotates 360 º. At its ends has two anchor points, which are attached the straps of the support unit or body harness.
Lift system:
Virmedic cranes used for all electrical equipment Linak company, world leader in the manufacture of this equipment. Electrical equipment complies with IEC 60601-1: Medical electrical equipment. Part 1: General requirements for safety and electromagnetic compatibility IEC 60601-1-2. Requirements and testing.
Electrical equipment has two safety systems (mechanical and electrical), which unlock the engine if the downward movement of the crane it is an obstacle that prevents you from falling (the user"s body parts, furniture ...).
It also has an emergency stop button that disconnects the battery from the engine automatically stopping the movement of the crane. Batteries should be replaced after 4 years, maybe sooner depending on the type of use. Strong and frequent discharges reduce battery life. For optimal battery life should be recharged as often as possible. When the battery is low you hear a beep.
The keypad has buttons such as "hold to run", each of them to raise and lower the lift arm.

Technical Data and Measures
Operating environment of electrical equipment: +5 º C to +40 º C
Actuator 24V DC
Rechargeable batteries 2 x 12V/2.9Ah sealed lead-acid type
Electrical IP: IPX4
Keypad IP: IPX6
Sound pressure: <50
Maximum user weight: 175 Kg
Total weight: 35.8 Kg
Base weight: 16.10 kg
Weight column: 19.70 Kg
Turning radius: 124 cm
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