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Who is Irsalia?

Irsalia is formed by a group of professionals experienced in the field of older people and health, dedicated to provide solutions to everyday problems of the elderly and / or with mobility problems and to facilitate the task of carers .

Irsalia was created in 2011 to bring the aids and orthopedic products to every home, basing our work on the method of personalized service and expertise.

What sets us apart and defines us is the quality and service, for which we have a sales service on-line and telephone support where our customers can benefit from leading brands at competitive prices.

We offer high quality products at the best price and provide technical advice in an attempt to improve the quality of life for our customers.

Our address is 11, Las Marismas st, 41909, Salteras (Seville)
Tlf: 955 70 83 80
Mobile: 625 56 93 60
E-mail: info@irsalia.com